An Evening in Paris...

14th Annual
Triangle Homeschool Prom

Friday April 3, 2020



• By popular request, our prom will once again be hosted at the elegant Cypress Manor at Cary, 1040 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh, NC  27606 located conveniently near US 1 / 440 Beltline

• Click here for a 360°

virtual tour


• Gentlemen:  Tuxedo or Suit & Tie

• Ladies:  Formal Dress

• Specific guidelines are outlined under the Dress Code section of the Guidelines & Policies page


• Registration and ticket sales begin Friday 

February 1st at midnight!

• Ticket price:  $88 per person (NO additional merchant fees)

• Ticket sales will be limited to 220 guests.            Sign up early!!


• Doors open at 6:00 PM

• Buffet dinner and dessert bar from 6:30-8:00 PM

•Dancing from 8:00-11:00 PM

• Prom ends promptly at 11:00 PM according to Cypress Manor policy


• Animated GIF Photo Booth will be located in a private suite. Guests will be able to share their GIFs instantly on social media! 

• Our professional photographer will be available to take formal portraits, and candid photos throughout the evening.  

• Photos will be available by digital download 3 weeks after prom to all prom guests at no extra charge.  No printed photos will be  provided.

Dinner & Drinks

• Gourmet Dinner Buffet including Beef, Chicken, & Vegetarian choices; Salad, Side Dishes, and Rolls.

• Dessert Bar featuring Mini Desserts:  Double Chocolate Brownie Bites, Lemon Squares, Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, Cheesecake Squares, Blondie Bites

• Provided by Cliff to Coast Catering, a premier upscale catering company

•Our exclusive Italian Soda  Bar served by our own


Ticket Policy

• Triangle Homeschool Prom is open to any homeschooled high school student or homeschool graduate who is from age 14 - 21 years old as of April 3, 2020.  Each homeschool student/graduate may bring ONE guest who must also be a high school student/graduate between the ages of 14 -21 years old; the guest of the homeschool student/graduate does not have to be a homeschooled student. 

• Registration and ticket payments must be made online at the same time.  All tickets must be purchased online through this website.  No checks or cash or promises of future payments will be accepted.

• Price for tickets is $88 per person -- NO additional merchant fees .  Please register early -- there are only 220 tickets available!  Ticket prices include an elegant, professionally-catered full buffet dinner and dessert bar, professional DJ, dancing, GIF photo booth, full access to formal and candid photos taken throughout the evening by a professional photographer, and our exclusive Italian Soda Bar served by our bartenders!

• Each paid registrant will receive a digital ticket by email upon payment.  A printout of the digital ticket is acceptable as well.  Tickets will be checked or scanned at the venue door upon admission.

• Refund policy:  NO refunds will be given for tickets purchased.  Registrations and tickets may be transferred, at the sole discretion of prom organizers, to another student who meets the prom guidelines.  Registration transfers must be approved and arranged by contacting

Dress Code

• Gentlemen:  Tuxedos, or suit and tie.  Tuxedo pants or dress slacks; no denim pants or other casual wear. Collared, button-down dress shirts with bowties or neckties.


• Ladies:  Formal dress only.  Please be mindful of modesty.  The hem of your dress, including slits, should come no higher than 4 inches from the top of your knee when standing. Revealing/plunging necklines, or open backs that drop below the waist are not acceptable. Undergarments should not be exposed.  Two-piece dresses should not expose more than 2 ½" of midriff, and should not expose the navel.  If you have any doubts or questions about the suitability of your garment, please contact us at

Code of Conduct

• Our prom will be chaperoned by prom committee parents and security personnel, as well as Cypress Manor management.  Only ticket holders will be permitted to enter the venue. Parents of prom guests may drop off their children at the venue door, or may stay and take pictures outside the venue until check-in.  Venue doors will open at 6:00 PM, and guests may begin checking in at this time.

• Registration to this event constitutes direct and implicit agreement by all prom guests and their parents/guardians to abide by all policies & guidelines specified and stipulated on this website,

• Once guests have checked in, they will not be permitted to leave the venue premises without forfeiting their admission tickets.  In case a guest needs to retrieve a forgotten item from their car, the guest will be accompanied by security personnel to and from the car, and must promptly re-enter the venue.  No loitering of any kind is permitted in the parking lot or on the venue grounds during the event.  If guests choose to leave the venue early, they will not be permitted to return to the event or to Cypress Manor property.  Tickets will thus be considered void, and guests will not be allowed to loiter on the property.  

• Mature, respectful conduct is expected of all prom guests. Inappropriate/explicit behavior, or behavior that is deemed to be dangerous to property, self, or others will not be tolerated.  THP committee members, security personnel, and Cypress Manor management reserve all rights to define and determine what is considered non-compliant behavior and actions.

• Absolutely NO alcohol, weapons, tobacco in any form, vaping devices or liquids, or drugs of any dangerous or illegal nature are permitted on Cypress Manor property.  Violation of this policy will result in immediate expulsion from the event and nullification of all ticket holder privileges.


• Ticket reimbursements will not be issued if a prom guest is asked to leave for any violations of Triangle Homeschool Prom policies and guidelines. 


Special Requests

Dinner Table Reservations

A table of 8 - 10 guests can be reserved following these directions:  

1) The group appoints one person as the designated "Contact Person" for the table.  

2) The Contact Person emails the names of all 8 - 10 guests to the Prom Committee at  

3) The Contact Person will receive a confirmation email and number once all requested guests are confirmed as registered & paid.

* Please do not email a request unless all requested guests have already registered & paid.

Because of space restrictions, only 4 reserved tables of 8 or 9 guests will be allowed. All other reserved tables must have 10 guests.

* Partially-filled tables of less than 8 guests cannot be reserved.

Song Requests

In order to ensure that song requests have clean lyrics and represent a balanced variety of genres, we are accepting song requests ahead of time by email.  Please email your requests to, and be sure to include the title and artist of each requested song.  We cannot, however, guarantee that we can honor all song requests -- the final selections will be made by prom committee members and our DJ.  

Emojis @ 2018 Prom GIF Booth
2018 Prom Portrait
Props @ Prom 2018 GIF Booth
2018 Prom Portrait
2018 Sea of Enchantment GIF Booth
2018 Prom Portrait
2018 Sea of Enchantment GIF Booth
2018 Prom Portrait
2018 Sea of Enchantment GIF Booth
2018 Prom Portrait
Table Setting- 2018 Prom
Table Centerpiece- 2018 Prom
Setting for 10- Prom 2018
Sea of Enchantment 2018 Stage
Mini Dessert Buffet 2018
Buffet, Soda Bar, and Dining-2018
Couples @ Dinner Table- 2018
@ Italian Soda Bar 2018
...with Italian Sodas- 2018
Slow Dancing 2018
Dance @ 2018 Prom
Dance @ 2018 Prom
Cypress Manor Interior at Night
Cypress Manor at Night
Italian Soda Bar
Nighttime -- Cypress Manor
Cypress Manor at Cary
Front Entrance
Cypress Manor
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Triangle Homeschool Prom 2020 -- "An Evening in Paris"
Join us for a fun and elegant evening at our 14th Annual High School Prom: "An Evening in Paris"
Apr 03, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Cypress Manor,
1040 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606, USA
Only 220 tickets -- Don't miss out!

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